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Labelling expiration

We would like to inform you about the method of labeling the expiry date for cosmetic products, which are guaranteed by the manufacturer's shelf life longer than 30 months. The expiration date is marked with "open container" and is in accordance with the below-mentioned decree.

According to Decree 444/2004 (as amended) Sb. Section 2 para. (1) point. c) the cosmetic product in terms of its usability treatment:

The date of minimum durability, which is introduced by the words: Best before ..., and the date must include the month and year or the day, month and year, respectively.

The date of minimum durability may be specified by the cosmetic product whose shelf life of 30 months. These products give an indication of the period for which the product can be used after opening without causing harm to the consumer. This information will be the symbol of an open cream jar followed by the period (in months or years).

This decree is based on the Council Directive 76/768 / EEC.

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