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Giorgio Armani Code perfumed water for women 75 ml

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Giorgio Armani Code perfumed water for women 75 ml
Giorgio Armani
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Floral - oriental launched in 2006
mysterious, sensual, seductive, attractive

For a woman: elegant, sophistic

Flacon: dressed in sapphire blue, decorated with lace

From mysterious after revelations from darkness to light up to the very top of femininity ... such is the Fragrance Armani Code, which pays tribute to women and their power of attraction. Rare ingredients like Orange blossom, ginger, sandalwood and Honey gradually revealed bit by bit and you become more attractive and sexier. Two kinds of Orange peel - one of the Ivory Coast and the other from sunny Italy - have joined forces to express a simple, lightweight and warm refinement. Vibrant, exciting and deep scent pistils along with the elegance of the unique sunny and shining Tunisian Orange blossom amplified rare Indian Jasmine sambac, which is so feminine and sophisticated. Different tones of scents and colors are gradually combined in an attractive theme changing after the initial sparkling Glitter into a sensual aura original fine and warm glowing light. Exciting composition unfolds like a beautiful fan and reaches up to the absolute top of his intensity when there is a nuisance reveal the secrets of flowers transformed into a sweet embrace the arms of Madagascar Vanilla and Honey drops. With the scent of Armani Code you feel great in the role of femme fatale, who is in the power of the mysterious code uchvacujícího a fascinating whole male race. He will feel in the role of seducer who despite a surrounding atmosphere of Hollywood film will be eager to meet with you wife - Fragrances - Armani Code.

Head-ginger, Orange
Heart-ginger, Jasmine, Honey

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ProducerLoreal Group
DruhParfémovaná voda
DeterminationPro ženy
Product typeOrientální typy

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