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Valentino Rock n Rose EdT 90 ml eau de toilette Ladies

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Valentino Rock n Rose EdT 90 ml eau de toilette Ladies
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Flower - Fruit launched in 2008
strong, attractive, energetic

For a woman: seductive, young
It embodies everything the modern woman longs to be.

Rock'n Rose goes to the seductive young girls and women, whose innate sense of contrasts celebrates. Valentino has had a long collaboration with the rock stars who gave their glowing luminescence '' relatives '' of high night sky. The inspiration for his fashion creations are magical elegance with a touch of romance and endless ocean fantasy. Now comes with Valentino Fragrance that embodies everything the modern woman longs to be.
Each tone Rock'n Rose is a part of the personality rock princess. The world's leading expert on smell Will Andrew says: '' We wanted to create a fusion of chords, individually and togEther characterize a multilayered soul rock princess, whom Valentino wanted to celebrate his new Fragrance. Our composition consists of sweet, seductive and musk tones, which togEther form the image vivacious young woman, about which Valentino dreams. ''

TITLE: Bergamot, green notes of black currant
Heart: gardenia, lily of the valley, Orange blossom, rose
BASIS: Vanilla, heliotrope, iris

Subtropical tree with aromatic fruit. Bergamot is the basis of taste and smell Earl Grey.Bergamot (Latin Citrus Bergamia) is a subtropical evergreen tree growing to a height of between 4-5 meters and is located mainly in the Mediterranean. It is grown for its very aromatic fruits. These have a pear shape light yellow (Lemon are very similar), which is obtained from aromatic oils for the production of various oils, cosmetics, perfumes, etc.

Black currant (Ribes nigrum) is a fruit shrub that bears small edible berries with significantly high in vitamin C. It is classified in the genus Ribes (currants) and included in family srstkovité (Grossulariaceae).

White flower with severe and strong sweet scent. Gardenia was a popular girl's hair decoration, but wow them decorate. To put their flowers in buttonholes. Even now it is very popular for its wonderfully fragrant flowers like roses. These flowers are white and are for growers like a reward for proper cultivation. It is not too easy to force gardenia to regularly blossomed.

Oder very fragrant white flowers zvonečkovitých time immemorial creator Fragrance enchants many countries. The unique aroma is penetrating and woody, sweet nonetheless. Lily of the valley Fragrance (Convallaria majalis) is a perennial plant of the family poisonous Nolinoideae (Ruscaceae). Older taxonomic systems it is often ranked in the family konvalinkovité (Convallariaceae), respectively. Lily in a broader sense (Liliaceae sl). It is widespread throughout Europe, except the northernmost and southernmost areas in Asia Minor and the corresponding regions of Asia to China and Japan and in North America. As an ornamental plant grows well in many places outside of these areas.

The classic scent of Orange blossom was discovered in China by Arab traders, and was considered a symbol of fertility in marriage. The shrub grows in sunny climates of Florida, California, Sicily and Spain and an Extract of delicate flowers is characterized by particularly full of delicious note.

Rose (Rosa) is a genus of shrubby plants with more than 100 species that occur in nature, all from the northern hemisphere and mostly from temperate zone. They are mostly shrubs or vines, sometimes creepy. Reach a length of 2-5 meters, but rarely up to 20 meters. Roses are very often and in a large number of grown mainly as ornamentals.

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