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Valentino V pour Homme After Shave Balm 75 ml

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Valentino V pour Homme After Shave Balm 75 ml
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ORIENTAL launched in 2006
seductively attractive, has a casual charm and genuine masculinity, sensuality and sophistication

For men: charming, dandy ...

V Pour Homme is the personification of fragrant Valentine's ideas of modern Casanova. The Fragrance captures the soul of modern ladykiller and three of its distinctive features: effortless charm and seductive appeal of genuine manhood. Intoxicating connection citrus, precious woods and oriental tones V Pour Homme reveals to its wearer that dwells within him deity of pure pleasure and sensuality.

TITLE: tangerine, tamarisk
HEART: juniper, pink Pepper
BASIS: Amber, cedarwood, sandalwood mysorské

Essential oils of mandarin peel. Distinctive and sweet smelling Extract is often used in colognes. Tangerine is a citrus fruit plants Citrus reticulata (mandarin general). All kinds of tangerines (clementines, Satsuma) belongs to a group of bright Orange citrus fruit with a thin crust, which is well-scales. They are a rich source of vitamin C. Low levels of this vitamin increases our susceptibility to infections. Extract is a product of the fruit of the evergreen juniper bush or tree. It smells pleasant and aromatic. Juniper (Juniperus) is a genus of evergreen shrubs or trees of the cypress family (Cupressaceae). Their ripe cones are fleshy and resemble berries. Unlike other representatives of the cypress family their seed scales completely pink Pepper does not belong to the right kinds of Pepper, but comes from the plant Schinus terebinthifolius that grows throughout South America. Used synonyms for pink Pepper are? Brazilian Pepper and Pepper Peruvian. The fruit is monospermous peckovitá pink berries that are picked not quite ripe. The taste is rather sweet, spicy aroma and only slightly pungent. This Pepper is devoid of Piperine, which causes the typical sharpness with Black pepper. For its colorful coloring is used in spice mixtures. Berry pink Peppercorns are when ingested in large amounts of toxic, so it's best to keep out of the reach of children.

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