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Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline toaletní voda pro ženy 40 ml

Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline toaletní voda pro ženy 40 ml
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Floral fragrance launched in 2005
bouquet of fresh flowers developed, glittering crystal soul with natural grace and a touch of sensuality.
For a woman: modern and elegant.

Omnia Crystalline is a bouquet of freshly developed flowers that come to life shining sparkle like crystal pure tone which resonates heart and soul of modern women. Symbol and radiant beam of life characterized by an irresistible new Omnia Crystalline just carries the soulful beauty and versatile balance of modern women, whose natural beauty subtly adds a discreet touch of sensuality. Like natural crystal conceals Omnia Crystalline many different layers - fragrant tones, which together constitute its original and unique scent. Initial tones bring clarity exciting fresh bamboo combined with juicy nashi. Mysterious heart Omnia Crystalline fragrance reveals the veil spun from threads of bait tenderness lotus flowers without breaking a fresh character of the whole composition. Subtle and sensual point forms a balsa wood that holds a lovely fragrance throughout the depth of the soul.

Head: bamboo, nashi
Heart: lotus flower
Basis: balsa

Bamboo is the collective name for several genera of evergreen woody grasses of the family Poaceae, subfamily bamboo. The largest species grow to a height of 40 meters. Bamboo serves as a versatile material for similar purposes as wood. Can be used as material for the construction, production tools, furniture, as well as paper and clothing, or also as food.

Our (also Nashi, Pyrus pyrifolia) is the fruit of the temperate zone, specifically a type of pear. Sometimes this fruit can be found under the name of Japanese or Asian pears. Originally from China. At present, it is widespread throughout eastern Asia and Japan. In recent years, with growing it begins and in Chile, France and Italy. Fruits are less common in the Czech Republic fruits. Plod our pear has a spherical to slightly rounded shape and mostly yellowish color. It is juicier and sweeter than the European pear, looks and tastes like a cross between a pear and an apple (but it is not a hybrid, it is really a separate species).

is free
ProducerCarte Blanche Greetings Ltd.
DeterminationPro ženy
Product typeKvětinové typy

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