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Karl Lagerfeld Eau de Parfum Eau de Parfum for Women 85 ml Tester

Karl Lagerfeld Eau de Parfum Eau de Parfum for Women 85 ml Tester
Karl Lagerfeld
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Floral Fragrance launched in 2014.
Karl Lagerfeld Eau De Parfum for Women combines Fragrance and design with the image of the famous fashion designer. Charles signature you can feel consistency in the selection of quality raw materials, black and white contrast, elegance and modernity. Karl Lagerfeld is the pioneer of a new perspective on fashion. His two new Fragrances carry the style of sophisticated elegance and classic in conjunction with a daring modernity going to the extreme. On the Water perfume for women working perfumers Christine Nagel and Serge Majoullier. TogEther they created the elegant green floral composition.

Lagerfeld to design influence is apparent from direct, rebellious and sharp lines characteristic for its fashion and accessories. Clean glass is geometrically similar to Silver signature designer. Embossed box is a reflection of the metal ring.

TogEther, these two new Fragrances story of desire, irresistible attraction, magnetism, sensuality and sexiness rock and roll two. He chose two popular models: Kati Neischer and Baptiste Giabiconi. In photographs and Kati Babtist merge into one body. Baptiste is captured here with the same gloves as worn by Karl.

Head: fresh Lemon, Peach velvet
Heart: rose, magnolia and Frangipani
Basis: musk, Amber tones of dark wood

Karl Lagerfeld for Women EdP 85 ml Tester Women's scent Water

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